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The information on this page relates to police certificates required for Australian visa and citizenship applications only. If you require a police certificate for other purposes, including employment, you should discuss procedures with the Israeli police and should NOT ask the police to send the certificate to our office. One of the options is to ask the police to send the certificate to the Embassy of Israel in Canberra who is authorised to hand it to clients or their representatives. This should be discussed directly with the Embassy of Israel. 

Please do not apply for your Israeli police certificate before you lodge your application or invited to provide one by your Case Officer.

The Israeli police does not give applicants their police certificates. The police certificates are forwarded directly to the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. It normally takes at least 2-4 weeks for the certificates to arrive at the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. The certificates are then checked electronically against applications in the various Processing Offices in Australia/Australian Embassies and forwarded directly to the relevant Processing Office/Australian Embassy UPON REQUEST from your Case Officer. This process may take at least another 2-4 weeks. Theoretically, it may take at least two months for the police certificate to reach your Processing Office. To ensure that your police certificate reaches your Case Officer, please ask your Case Officer to request the certificate from our office by initiating/sending our office a "stream 1C referral" using the internal Home Affairs ICSE System.

For privacy and other operational reasons, we are unable to advise clients directly whether we have received their police certificates and when they were forwarded to your Case Officer. If there are any significant delays or difficulties you should contact your Processing Office/Case Officer directly and they will contact our office, if necessary.  Please feel free to refer your Case Officer to this page of our website.

If you do not have contact details/email address for your Case Officer please upload a copy of this page to your online application and name it “police certificate”.  Your Case Officer will then reads the message and contact our office.