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passport fees

Current Australian Passport Fees 

From 1 July 2015 an overseas passport application surcharge will apply for all passport applications submitted at the Embassy. The surcharge will be paid in addition to the passport application fee.

The surcharge will be AUD 103.00 (NIS 269) for all adult passport applications and AUD 52.00 (NIS 136) for all child applications (under 18 years). Payment can be made by credit card, cash (NIS only) or by personal or post office cheque.


Adult Passports: AUD 277 (NIS 723)  + surcharge AUD 103 (NIS 269)

     Total: NIS 992

Minor Passports: (under 18 years): AUD 139 (NIS 363) + surcharge AUD 52 (NIS 136)

     Total: NIS 499

Children aged 16 and 17 are eligible for 10 year adult passports. The passport fee is AUD 277 (NIS 723) but the child's surcharge fee AUD 52 (NIS 136) applies.

     Total: NIS 859                                      

Adults aged over 75 years also have an option of obtaining a 5 year validity passport: AUD 139 (NIS 363) + adult surcharge AUD 102 (NIS 269)  

     Total: NIS 632

Please note that Passport Fees may change on the first day of each month depending on exchange rate variations.

Payment can be made in NIS only by credit card, cash  or by personal/post office cheque payable to “Australian Embassy”. Fees must be paid at the time of lodging the application.