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Welcome to the Internet website of the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. This site contains a broad range of information on the Embassy's services.

The information and links on this site are aimed at answering the most commonly asked questions about Australia. The site covers services for Australian citizens, as well as information on immigration and visas.

The site also contains links to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Australian Government websites. These links are designed to assist those looking for information on Trade, Cultural, Aid or other Government services.

We regularly review and update our website and would welcome feedback from visitors on how it can be improved.

Dave Sharma, Ambassador

Latest news

Important passport announcement

From 1 July 2015 ALL PASSPORT APPLICATION FORMS MUST BE LODGED IN PERSON. It will no longer be possible for applications to be accepted by mail. One parent must apply on behalf of children under 18 years of age. Children aged 16 and 17 are eligible for adult 10 year passports and must accompany the parent when applications are presented. Children aged under 16 years do not have to attend in person. For all passport information open "Services for Australians" under "Australians" at the top of this page.

Work and holiday visa arrangement signed with Israel

On 22 October 2014, Australia and Israel announced that a reciprocal work and holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangement between our two countries had been signed.

This arrangement, when brought into effect, will enable up to 500 young Israelis who completed their military service or are exempt from military service to enjoy an extended holiday in Australia each year. Under the new arrangement, holders of a work and holiday visa will be entitled to visit Australia for up to one year, and will also be eligible to engage in short-term work or study during their stay.

This arrangement will help Australians and Israelis continue to enhance their already close ties, and reflects the strong bond of friendship our nations share.

You may have seen some reports regarding a commencement date for the Work and Holiday visa arrangement betwen Australian and Israel. While the Australian and Israeli Governments are undertaking preparations to enable Work and Holiday visas to be granted to one another's citizens, please note that a commencment date has not yet been finalised. Therefore, applications are not yet able to be lodged by Israeli or Australians for a Work and Holiday visa.

Once a commencement date has been determined for the Work and Holiday visa arrangement, the date will be formally announced on the Australian Embassy Tel Aviv webpage and on the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection's web page.

Job Vacancies

There are currently no job vacancies at the Embassy.