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This page provides information about health processing in Tel Aviv and a link to the list of approved doctors in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Applicants and their accompanying family members applying for migration to Australia, as well as some applicants for visitor, student and other temporary visas are required to undergo a medical examination. Those applicants who are 11 years of age or older may also be required to undergo a radiological examination (X-ray). If you have been invited to undergo health checks please arrange an appointment with one of the Embassy Panel Doctors. A list of the approved doctors is provided through the link at the end of this document. 

Please verify with the Embassy doctor what documents you must take with you to the appointment. 
The examinations must be conducted by Embassy Panel doctors only.

We strongly recommend that you do not undergo the health checks before you lodge your application and invited to do so by our office or your Case Officer in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia.  This is because:

1. Health checks may vary depending on your age, the class of visa you apply for, the length of your proposed stay in Australia, your proposed activities in Australia, your travel history and information provided in your application form.  Undergoing unecessary or wrong checks is both expensive and will result in administrative complications and processing delays.

2. The validity of the health checks is normally 6-12 months. If for any reason the processing of your application takes longer than usual, the validity of your visa (i.e. the date by which you must enter Australia after the grant of the visa) may be restricted to the validity of the health checks. This might no suite your travel plans;

3. If your application is refused, there is no refund of the fees you paid for the health checks;

After you lodge your application at our, and if necessary, your Case Officer will invite you to undergo the health checks and wiil provide you with all relevant information and referrals.  The system is very efficient and you can normally arrange an appointment with one of the Embassy doctors within less than a week.

If your application is lodged or processed at another office (e.g. London, Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre, Perth Offshore BCS Centre, The Perth Offshore Parents Centre or the Sydney Offshore Business Centre) that office will provide you with the relevant forms and instruction if/when necessary.

The health requirement is only one of the legal criteria that must be met before a visa may be granted. That is, if you meet the health criteria but fail to meet one of the other criteria your application will be rejected. A refund of the health check fees cannot be paid.

You will be required to pay all doctor\'s fees at the time of examination.

The Australian Government does not prescribe a fee structure. Fees for immigration medicals should be consistent with local fees and charges for similar private services.

Fees you can expect to pay are as follows:

-  X-ray and report : NIS 250

-  Medical/physical test and report: NIS600

-   Laboratory tests, including blood, Urine and HIV:  NIS200

-   Hepatitis (B & C): NIS350

Additional fees must be paid if you are required to undergo additional tests.

The Embassy takes no responsibility for the costs of your medical examination.

We would like you to be aware that your physical examination will be a thorough one, and for this reason you will be asked to disrobe to your underclothes (bra and pants in the case of women and pants in the case of men). Tights, stockings or socks also have to be removed. Women should note that gynecological examination is NOT normally required, but otherwise a full physical examination is required including breast examination for applicants at the age of 18 and above. Women should not attend for examination during menstruation as this will affect urine test results. If you wish to have a chaperone during the examination, please arrange for one to accompany you.

After your health examinations have been completed, the doctors will forward/transmit the results directly into our global visa system/relevant processing office.

The doctor is not allowed to give you the results of the examinations without prior written approval from our office. Approval may be given in very limited circumstances involving genuine emergencies and compelling compassionate circumstances.

The doctor is also not qualified to provide you with advice on the likely outcome of your application or other processing or visa related matters.

Please remember that undergoing the medical examination does not mean that your application has been approved or is likely to be approved. You should not finalise any of your affairs in your country until you have received official advice from the office processing your application that your application has been granted. 

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