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RENEWAL of an Australian Passport

An appointment is required for all passport and notarial services provided by the Australian Embassy, Tel Aviv.


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Please complete the application form in black ballpoint pen

Thank you for your request for a passport application renewal form. You will need to lodge the application form in person together with your current passport, 2 photographs and the fee.

First time adult applicants can use a PC7 renewal form form if:

  • they were issued a passport as a child after 1st July 2005: and
  • were 16 years of age or over at the time of issue; and
  • the passport was issued with at least two years validity;and
  • the passport was issued in the applicant\'s current name, date of birth and sex.

Your current passport will be returned to you after the Embassy has cancelled it

The Passport Renewal form cannot be used to renew a passport that has been expired for 36 months or longer. The form is only valid to the date shown at the top of the form.

Before lodging this form you need to:

- check that all pre-completed details on the form are correct. If changes are necessary to the name field or personal details in Section 2 you will need to complete an “Overseas Passport Application Form” (the form can be downloaded here)

- check the address label, if changes are needed to the address neatly cross through the pre-printed address and write the new address to the right of the address label. This will be the address for delivery of the new passport.

- complete the remaining sections and sign the form attesting that all the information is correct. PLEASE SIGN ONLY WITHIN BORDERS OF WHITE BOX using the same signature as appears on your current passport.

- obtain two recent photographs (not more than 6 months old in full colour) that meet the requirements stated on the form. Photos that do not comply with the Passport Photographic Guidelines will not be accepted.

Processing time for your passport: all applications lodged at the Embassy will be processed in approximately 3 weeks. This period does not include the delivery of the application to the Embassy or the delivery of the passport to your address. Under certain circumstances Emergency passports can be issued if travel is within 10 working days.

Passport Section: Tel 03 6935027


Photograph Requirements